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Educton platform concept and features


Educton solution unites interactive teaching material preparation from publishing process to teaching tools.

Publishing management

You can create and publish online and offline:

Digital integrated and fully manageable learning content;

E-books and white papers;

Presentations with video lectures and transcripts;

Test questions databases associated with other content.


Other professional futures for publishing:

Management of learning content publishing process;

Integrated tools of e-publishing;

Working in author groups.

Key innovations

All the learning materials in the platform are interactive. Fully adaptable integrated learning content makes easy to change content for each audience and mix content from different sources into one document.

Platform accepts mostly used document formats. Importing them Educton automatically converts into interactive content with the same look and feel principles.

All the learning materials contained are provided with auto-generated audio library in English, Italian, German, Russian and other most popular languages, which creates an integral audio book. It facilitates learning for busy people and enhances learning material acceptance.

Algorithms of the platform automatically collect and link any external information from various public sources (google, youtube, Wikipedia and other) related to the learning materials, thus expanding possibilities of the available learning materials. Platform automatically builds related external material collection.

Detailed data of statistical analysis is provided (e.g., which sections were studied by learners and how long they studied them, etc.);

We would present other functions during live or online demonstration.

Educton features

Fully integrated digital interactive learning content.

Imported documents automatically becomes interactive with the same look and feel.

Innovative approach in learning process.

Unique in the market platform futures.

Complete process functionality from learning material creation forward to students.

Fully customizable for individual needs.

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